Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Mario Lanza - The Broadway Collection

Introducing the new release by Rosetta Remastering.... This is the first time that these broadway songs sung by Mario Lanza have ever been heard in the correct pitch and tempo. Now that the speeds have been corrected, this album is transformed in to a glorious array of show stopping numbers brilliantly sung by one of the greatest tenors the world has ever known.

Listen to the glorious rendition of ‘and this is my beloved,’ and the exquisite ‘Younger than Springtime.’ There are surprises too for those that know the original much maligned ‘Lanza on Broadway’ album. Now we can hear ‘Speak low’, ‘ More Than You Know’ and ‘Why was I Born’ in the correct pitch.

For the first time the Lanza voice is back and shows just how hard he worked to produce this fantastic collection of songs. If you love music, if you love Lanza you can’t afford to miss this opportunity

Order Direct from Rosetta Remastering from teamrosetta@gmail.com

Available from Amazon.co.uk. Price £8.95 +p&p